Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wickes Lumber is no more

Kat is out of town, so I have to feed the Fast Food Ferals this week. I also needed KMR for the kittens, so when the bell rang for quitting time, I grabbed the lawn mower, mowed a chunk of lawn, then grabbed the dog and headed to Ithaca.

I turned left to the lumber yard, and...whoa.

No more lumber yard. No more building. No more nothing.

And there was my shelter and feeding station, carefully deposited at the edge of the parking lot, just as I had asked. They did not disturb the woodsy area where the cats physically are (although they won't hide there any longer, with no building to hide behind).

I stood and stared for a long while. That place has been a part of my life for over six years.

I was able to get both the shelter and feeding station into the truck (even though the truck was already filled with bags of cat litter, a child's playpen, two traps, etc.) and headed over to the new feeding the only feeding site. And who should be waiting for me but a black cat. He was too far away for me to check for an eartip, but at least one cat has definitely found the new spot.

I trudged around the back of the fence and put a bowl of food at the other corner of the property as well.

I hope Pichou and Vannie are OK, and haven't run for the hills.


gary rith said...

Oh man, gone just like that?

Susan said...

They gave me a heads-up a few months ago so we could set up an alternate feeding location. They have been great. It's just amazing to see a building disappear like that in short order! Take a look the next time you drive by. Wow.