Friday, June 19, 2009

Cats on your bed

Mary sent this photo of Jack and The Leewit taking over her newly dressed bed. Perhaps I should ask the other bloggers reading this to post photos of their cats on their beds?

I can probably get a good one of mine, tonight, while I'm in it. :)

If you do post one on your blog, leave a comment here with a link. Thanks!

Here's one from Blog by-the-Sea (Thanks, Teresa!)

Judy sends a great shot from her page here (which has many more beautiful photographs if you need a pick-me-up on this gray day). Go to that page and scroll down! Hey Judy, did you stumble here from my Open Garden Days post?

Monica sends a bed full of kittens (I'm getting new blogs for my blogroll too. Loving this!)

50 Kittens sends a perfect bedtime reading photo.


Teresa said...

I just did a post with such a photo last week-end. Here's a link:

Judy said...

If you go here and scroll down past all the garden entries (May was especially heavy in garden visits)to What's This? there's not a cat ON the bed, but rather, a cat IN the bed.

Judy said...

Oops! My typo. Sorry 'bout that.
Should be

and scroll down to What's This?

Judy said...

I've been lurking on wildrun for a long time. There are feral cats and barn cats in the vicinity, some receive good care and others only minimal. I like to keep up with what's done for these barely owned cats, keep suggesting my neighbors get their barn cats neutered/spayed. "Oh, they're wild, we cannot catch them, it costs too much" la la la. I offer suggestions I read on your pages and hope to wear them down. Sigh. You do good work, hope I can spread the information around.

Monica said...

There's two of my foster cats on my bed on this post, and a few more in other places on the blog.

Martha said...

Our foster kittens usually like to hang out with us while we're reading in bed. This photo looks staged, but it really wasn't!

Judy said...

If you scroll down the page here

there's the previously in-bed napping cat, outdoors.

Judy said...

I tried to tell you about your Polyphemus moth on Feral by Nature. That site won't accept a name/URL identity so I couldn't (more appropriately on that site) tell you that the adult Polyphemus moths have only vestigial mouth parts, cannot feed, and die in about a week. Males will fly great distances to find a female (got to love those pheromones.) They'll mate, she lays the eggs, and then die soon after. Same is true for the exquisite pale green Luna moths that are my favorites.

Sorry about moth posting here but there wasn't any way to do it on Feral By Nature.