Thursday, June 18, 2009

More work in the cat facility

It's nice to make improvements in the cat facility. It makes me want to spend more time out there. Tonight I moved Sir Morgan upstairs, since he's been a week post-neuter without any sniffles or other signs of illness. The other cat mostly ignored him. Arthur finally paid some attention when I plunked him up on the table and he noticed there was a new cat in the room.

I bit the bullet the picked up more of these cardboard scratcher inserts for the turbo cat toy. They are nearly $9 for two measly pieces of cardboard at Petsmart. I used to be able to get them for around $6. The cats really enjoy this toy though. I also got two small cans of KMR powder so the kits can still have their bedtime bottle. One is for me, and one for the foster home where the other two are.

The cats really seem to like their furniture. I didn't even have to try hard to get a "cat on each level" shot tonight. Fluffy just fits into the middle level, and he lay their nicely as I combed him.

Molly has been playing well with the kittens, which is good socialization for them. Peek-a-boo with the stair curtain is the current game. Molly is at a disadvantage as she's not allowed upstairs.

This weekend I plan to paint the upstairs of the house, as I really need to get a housemate. I need some regular help around here mowing lawn, spending time with the cats, and house-sitting when I travel, as I will be this fall. It would be nice to find someone who wouldn't mind my cat wandering upstairs, but if not, I can put a door at the bottom of the stairs, and the children will just have to get used to one level life.

It's time to admit that it's just too big a place for one person.

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