Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our own little cat room make over

Petfinder is having a very cool cat room makeover essay contest with furniture from The Refined Feline. Pretty cool stuff, huh? Alas, as an employee I am not eligible. Some deserving shelter is going to have a beautiful cat room!

But there is always...ta dah! The Craigslist Cat Room Make Over! Yes indeed, a few days ago I saw a post for a ton of nearly new cat furniture for ultra cheap.

Wow, huh? The owner of the kitty who possessed these riches decided to relocate to California, and the cost of shipping was too high. I am amazed I was the first one to call, as I only look at Craigslist every few days.

Pickles says "paint the ceiling, lady."

She also apparently feels it's time to put the heat lamp away.

It seems that getting her rug steam cleaned tonight was just not enough work for her. After cleaning the carpet and dragging all this stuff upstairs, I'm beat. However, it couldn't stay in the truck any longer (it's raining, and the cap leaks) and there was no sense in moving it in without cleaning the room.

Now I am waiting for Molly to wear the kittens out, so we can all go to bed.


Stephanie said...

What a great haul! Those are lucky kitties to have all that to play on.

Rags to Riches Cat Rescue said...

you hit the jack pot.

will you send me an email. don't want to list my email here. but you know the web site.

Alley Cats and Angels of North Carolina said...

You really scored. Fate meant your rescue kitties to have those cat trees.

Debra Taylor said...

Wow! What a great setup! I should check out Craigslist more often. You have done such great work for your feline friends.

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