Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two out, two in

With Espie and Dude in new homes, you'd think we'd be enjoying fewer cats, right?

Nope! Faith and Arthur have taken their place. I have flyers up for Arthur and have reported him as "found" to Stray Haven, as he showed up here on my porch in a rainstorm newly neutered. I called all the local vets to see if they remembered him. So far, no luck.

And I found my camera!

Pickles thinks Arthur is pretty cool.

Little Faith--Hope's mom-- is happy to be in from the cold. I'm sure she was a chilly kitty because she does not have the thick coat that Pichou has. She has been spayed, is FeLV/FIV negative, and now just needs to clean up from her adventure. She's just 6lbs...a little girl. Pichou, who looks twice her size, is also 6 lbs, which just goes to show what a little fur will do for appearances.

Both Arthur and Faith are friendly. Arthur still smells like a tom cat and the other big guys don't think much of that. Hopefully he'll fit in soon.

Remember how teeny Hope was?


Maya said...

i just wanna say that you are doing amazing things for animals/cats!
its goo d that there are people like you :)

animalfamily said...

it's not easy having fewer cats, really. thanks for what you are doing!