Monday, March 16, 2009

Rosie helps launch Kuranda bed drive for Stray Haven

Pancake breakfasts are a great way to get you moving on a weekend morning, not to mention good food and just plain good company. Debra M. (Waverly feral cat fixer and Stray Haven volunteer--another one of those independent "help everyone" folks) and her little dog Rosie show off the Kuranda bed that Wildrun donated in memory of Pretty Girl and Gunsmoke. The very quiet dog with Rosie is, of course, mine. Debra is dog-sitting him because I couldn't stay for the whole breakfast, and my dog was needed to convince others to give beds, too.

Which apparently he did. One gentleman pledged to go home and order another bed online, and lots of folks tossed dollars in the dog bowl. Actually, Debra did, as she explained the beds to all who walked by, and why they are needed.

To order a dog bed for Stray Haven just go here and choose "Stray Haven and SPC" from the "Please select a shelter" list! We need around 40 beds to have one for every dog run.

And isn't Rosie cute as heck? I wonder how many times she popped off that bed before Debra got her photo?

If the gentleman follows through and orders a bed, that will be THREE count them THREE beds down, and 37 to go.

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georg said...

I got the message "This shelter does not yet have any items selected. Please click here to select another shelter." - Please look into this! I am pretty sure you still need them!