Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 14 Pancake Breakfast to Benefit Stray Haven

Who wants to go with me to have a great breakfast to support Stray Haven and SPCA, our local shelter? This is this upcoming Saturday. Maybe could meet here and carpool over?

Also, I'm helping Debra (Waverly feral cat rescuer extraordinaire) with a Kuranda bed drive for Stray Haven. We aim to replace ALL of their Kuranda beds this spring so their dogs can sleep up off the cold run floors. They have some beds, but they have definitely reached the end of their life. I am purchasing them Bed Number One today, to hopefully take to the breakfast to drum up more support there as well.

So, let's do breakfast!


WHEN: Saturday, March 14th
Time: 8:00am – 11:00am

WHERE: Waverly United Methodist Church
158 Chemung St., Waverly, NY

TICKETS: Available at the door on Saturday, March 14th OR
IN ADVANCE at Stray Haven S.P.C.A. & Humane Society located at 194 Shepard Rd., Waverly, NY
• $6.00 per Adult
• $5.00 per Senior Citizen
• $4.00 per Child 12 and under

Come out and Enjoy Breakfast while supporting Your Local Humane Society……the dogs & cats thank you!


What about Wildrun, you say? Well, I'm planning a painting party once the weather gets warm, so fluff up your brushes and don't throw out that old shirt!


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you know, if you are fundraising sometime Susan, you could ask your best pal Gary to donate a cat cookie jar then somehow raffle off tickets or something....

Amanda said...

Here is a website an industrious volunteer might find useful.


Wildrun said...

Hey Amanda. We have a wonderful volunteer who makes those beds for us. If you go to http://www.columbusdogconnection.com/BedsVolunteerPics.htm
And scroll down you'll see an orange kitty on a bed in a box about NY shelters!

In this case we are going for Kurandas to see how many we can get, and then we'll be likely to make the rest. Thanks for sending that! I had forgotten the page address.

Wildrun said...

Duh, I forgot to mention the orange kitty is our Dude!

Gary, you can be sure I'll now hit you up for a kitty cookie jar this summer. I'm planning on holding a big bash down on Route 13 to celebrate the end of the feral cat problem on the fast food strip. Tents, artists, awards, the whole bit. Thanks!!!