Sunday, March 08, 2009

Roses and friends at the Spencer Business Expo

(Gratuitous "Hope and Simon" blogging above!)

Poor Tink! She didn't think much of being "poster kitty" at the Spencer Community Business Expo, but the kids sure loved her. She has recovered from her trauma after three hours of being cooed over and petted by countless citizens. She didn't appreciate the limelight the way Shakespeare and Espie have in the past. Donna W. and I made the rounds of the Expo with Tinker-in-arms (with harness and leash). At one point she looked relaxed and sound asleep as I walked. Don't be fooled. She was petrified and pretending. Poor girl!

Nonetheless, I had fun, and I even had the satisfaction of watching quite a few people pick up information on how to trap/neuter their cats. I suppose it's time to admit I go to the Expo to visit my fellow local business and spend precious dollars on beautiful things for not-so-much money.

Baker Florist was right across the aisle from me. He had buckets of roses for $10 a dozen. Not pre-made bundles with six nice roses and six that probably should be headed for the compost bin. You got to choose your own 12 roses from the four buckets of gorgeous roses he had there. They smelled heavenly. I waited until just before break-down time and chose 12 roses (six flame-point type, and six deep pink) and they now grace my piano in an antique vase.

Now and then I go in and bury my face in the bunch and breathe in. Roses are a luxury I enjoy every three years or so. It's difficult to spend money on something so transient. It's easier when you purchase them at a local fair from a local business that's just trying to make a living.

So, no guilt here.

I never get any adoption nibbles at the Expo, and only get a few dollars in donations. But people take my information and the kids just love petting whatever cat I bring along. One little boy was absolutely mute but, as he petted Tinker, kept looking up at his dad and smiling, pointing at Tink, looking up at his dad with a smile, pointing at Tink...His dad gave a big broad smile himself and reached down and petted her as well. The boy never said a word, but the smile on both of their faces made the whole day worth it for me.

That and the roses.

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