Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rest, Gunny

A few years ago, a kind neighbor passed away. Her husband and her sister in Kenya asked for help with two senior cats, Miles and Gunsmoke. How often do you receive an email from Kenya asking if you might help with homeless pets, only to learn that the cats in question belong to your next-door neighbor? Both Miles and Gunny found wonderful homes with different nearby neighbors. Miles returned to Wildrun for vet care for his last days and passed away at age 16. Today, Gunny has passed on in the safety of his second loving home.

I cannot thank Donna and Tim enough for the loving home they provided to Gunny, and the care they provide to all the Wildrun cats when I travel.


Jen's Journal said...

Those "orphans" are always lucky little ones and the people that take them in are extra special, I think. Gunny reminds me of an older girl, Lizzie, who came to me under similar circumstances and was also a gray kitty. Her "second family" loved her to pieces until she passed away a couple years ago.

blackcatrescue said...

It takes a special person to see beyond the crumpled ears and dulling fur and open their heart and home to a senior kitty. Thank you for giving Gunsmoke a few more happy years. I remember both Miles and Gunsmoke fondly. They both touched many lives and will be remembered warmly. Rest in peace Gunsmoke.