Thursday, July 21, 2011

Where are they now: Plato and Socrates

I got photos of these handsome fellows, Casey and Austin, in my email today, and for a moment, I couldn't recall who they were:

Then I put two and two together. It was Plato and Socrates from way back in my West Danby days! They were captured as feral kittens from behind McDonalds on Elmira Road in Ithaca. One day I was in the line at Kmart, and there was a student-age woman in front of me with a box of kitten chow. I immediately put on my "holier than thou" education cap, thinking to engage her in conversation about the best way to take care of her new kitten. But when I said "Got a kitten?" she said "No, but I'm thinking about getting one, and I wanted to have everything on hand."

Well! Didn't that burst my holier-than-thou bubble! So I mentioned Wildrun rescued kittens, and I had some at that time, and didn't she start interviewing me, when I'd planned on interviewing her. I gave her my info, and she did come over. She decided she wanted two kittens. I was concerned because one of them was still quite shy, and insisted on hanging onto them another week. When a week passed, and one kitten was still quite shy, Janet assured me she could handle them, and with reservations I let them go.

She reassured me that all had turned out well a few months later by sending this great photo that I have cherished. It hangs on my wall by my computer:

There was no way I would have been able to get little scarves and hats on those kittens! It was clear they were doing very well.

As with most of my kittens, they faded off into time with their new owners. I mentally wished them well, enjoyed the photo, and figured I would never hear from them again.

Until today when I got an email labeled "Alumni of Wildrun"

11 years ago, I adopted two stray grey male kitties from your service. I wanted to send updated pictures and let you know they are doing wonderful, happy and healthy little boys (well, they aren’t that little). Casey weighs in at about 18.2 pounds and Austin at 15.5 pounds. Both are extremely healthy (always have annual blood work done and frequent teeth cleaning every few years), just big cats (more like tigers. LOL) Attached you will find a few pic’s of them.

Thank you for your service! These two little guys have brought so much love to my life and I am very grateful that 11 years ago, I met one of your workers in the Kmart and found out she had kittens available. Casey and Austin were found behind McDonalds with their two sisters.

This has just been a great week! So many nice things have happened (even with the 100 degree heat) that I haven't even had time to blog them all. I wrote back, and Janet sent the photo just above, and that will hang next to the Christmas photo.

What is really sweet to think back on is what I had for a cat facility back then. And boy, was I proud of it:

Tompkins County Trust actually let me take out a loan to buy that little cat shed. I dug a trench for legal electric, and traded cat trapping to an electrician friend to get it wired. I never did finish it off completely before we moved to the farm on Owl Creek.

And here are Casey and Austin--then Plato and Socrates--in the shed as kittens:

Did you adopt your pet from a shelter? Sent them a photo and a note and make their day, like Janet made mine.


christy said...

(poor, you; i send photos all the time!)

Anonymous said...

That brought tears to my eyes. What a nice thing for that lady to do! What a trip back in time.

Helena said...

That's got to be a good feeling to see your former charges all grown up and happy.

The lady we adopted our boy from is no longer doing rescue, but we keep in touch--she actually still has Salem's brother, she decided she loved him too much to adopt him out. So we trade cat sibling stories now and then. :)


Michal Towber said...

Hi Wildrun!
I've been enjoying your blog, and I thought you might like an animated music video I made about where the Cheshire Cat goes when he leaves Wonderland. It's part of a musical EP, called "MagiCat: Up the Rabbit Hole," and we're donating a portion of the proceeds towards animal rescue. If you like the video, would you consider posting it on your blog on or after August 2nd? I'd love to share it with your readers.

Video URL:

Meow you very much,

P.S.: if you're interested in finding out more about the project, our website is:, and our FB page is

meowmeowmans said...

That's just beautiful. Isn't it the BEST to know that your "grads" are doing so well in their forever homes? And that they are loved so much and so well? :)

Have a great weekend, and thank you for all you do!

Strayer said...

That can make a rescuers day, to get such photos. How wonderful.

I ran into a man on a bike when posting a flier at the co op in Corvallis. He asked if I remembered him. I did. He and his wife adopted the blind deaf cat, Stinod from me awhile back. He said she was doing great, except for a mishap for which she'd required surgery to repair. They love her. It made my heart sing.

Canvas prints said...

Bless every single one of these kittens - they all deserve to find amazing homes.