Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thai gets a pledge of a new home

Thai had visitors Friday, and they have pledged to give him a home, once some interior construction going on in their home is complete. Having had a adopted kitten get briefly lost in non-sheetrocked walls last year, I'm just as happy to have Thai here until everything is buttoned up at his new place. Plus he can keep little Mariah company until she's big enough to hold her own with the other kittens. They are very cat savvy folks, so he will have a great home!

He love to chase and leap over her. I'm sure tiny spitfire Mariah is looking for someone to wrestle with, but thankfully Thai realizes that would be an uneven match, and he is very gentle with her, confining their play to tag-and-chase.

That is FOUR adult adoptions within just three weeks, which is really incredible. The kittens are at the perfect age for adoption now, so I'm going to spend this weekend getting some decent photos of them, so I don't end up with teenagers instead of kittens this fall.

Good words continue to come in via Facebook about TigerTom. He seems to be hanging on with Georg and Jazz while they are working--at least, I see lots of photos of him on a desk!


Chrissykat said...

Hope it all works out for Thai! It really is SO exciting to read of 4 adult adoptions. Congrats to you on such a great job with these deserving kitties, truly.

NonnyMus said...

Just heard the news about TigerTom on Hooray!

It's great to see him settling in so fast - the photos of him with his tail up are the greatest.

Also glad the dumped kitten is doing well and didn't have anything more than a bloody nose. Some people!


Kudos to you for everything you do!

NonnyMus said...

OF COURSE I'm also happy about Thai's pledged adoption and the other two adult cats who were adopted!

...just forgot to say so!


Keep up the good work!

georg said...

Tiger Tom visits my desk while I work. When you see pics of him doing other things, he'll have expanded his world further.

Congrats to Thai!

Wildrun said...

Welcome NonnyMus! I didn't realize TigerTom was up on Cats With TV until your comment, so thanks for letting us know!

A few Good Cats said...

As formerly homeless cats ourselves, we are very happy to hear of so many adult cat adoptions!