Sunday, July 03, 2011

Kittens, laughter in fur

I'm fond of telling people that it's best to get an adult cat, because then you can have some idea of what the cat's personality is like. Do you want a cat who will greet your visitors? A cat who prefers to sit next to you rather than on you? A cat that will remain overtly playful? A stoic cat? Then adopt an adult cat whose personality is already pretty clear.

I also like to say "kittenhood lasts only short while." Then you are stuck with what you get.

However, I can't blame people for wanting to enjoy that "short while." There is nothing as cute and as fun to have around as a kitten. They remind us of what it's like to live in the moment, when everything is new, and it's OK (and even preferable) to be slightly dumb, and surprised by everything we encounter.

I know I'm really enjoying these four I have now. I need to get them FeLV/FIV tested and out of here. Their ear mites now seem to be under control, and they are as friendly as can be. I wish I could say the same of their mother, who still hides in the closet.

There is a reason there are so many kitten videos on YouTube. People just want to take a moment and laugh.

Although there's no guarantee that your kitten will grow up to be Maru.


Connie, Orlando said...

Intersecting posts, we have. My latest started with the joys of kittenhood. I totally agree with you - they remind us how exciting, fun and intriguing the world can be. It's like seeing it again for the first time. Kittens are joy personified...or would that be catified?

Connie, Orlando said...

BTW, this gray & white tux is absolutely too adorable for words. All kittens are darling, but this one is uber-precious. He just looks like he has a personality fit for a Great Big Cat!

rheather said...

Since I have a now 14 wk old kitten in the house-I suspect mom cat was living wild close by, something bad happened and the 6 wk kitten heard my eldest cat's yowling and made it to the house-they are a hoot!

This morning's new game was climb inside my shirt everytime possible. 'Tho the way she was tearing around when I left I wouldn't be surprised if I come home to a pile of rubble.

meowmeowmans said...

Oh my gosh, that little one is SO adorable!

You are so right about the reasons for adopting adult cats. We always say the same thing at our shelter. But we, too, understand why people are drawn to kittens. :)