Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Fast Food Feral

Rumor has it there is a mom cat and kittens at the Fast Food Feral feeding station. I've only seen the mom and I sure wish those kittens would show themselves! At the "old" site, before Wicks was demolished, the kittens were all born under a pile of debris that was easy to trap at. Now there is nothing but woods and the gardens at Tompkins Co Solid Waste and I have no idea where their home base is.

Yesterday I went by to feed the cats, and mom cat was headed back, having checked the feeding station and found an empty bowl. She clearly understood that I was the "bringer of food" because she crouched down in the drive and waited for me to come back from filling it. By the time I turned my car around, she was trotting back to have dinner. No kittens in view.

She is a drop-dead beautiful gray, white and black tri-color. I have never seen such a thing in my life. This photo is too distant, but maybe you can make out what I mean.

"You can't see me if I lay flat...right here in the middle of the road."

I sure hope she's tame. I'd love to not have to bring her back once I catch her!


Chrissykat said...

Even far away, you can tell she that indeed she is "drop dead beautiful!" Wishing you good rescue mojo so you can bring her back to Wildrun & give her a chance at a wonderful life (and the kittens too!).

Connie, Orlando said...

Strange combination of colors. Certainly nothing I've ever seen before. Sometimes black fur turns color from a combination of saliva from grooming and the sun, although it's usually reddish. Catch her - she may be worth a bazillion dollars. You could start a "new breed" for the cat fanciers. Trust me, I'm kidding.