Saturday, June 26, 2010

We've got kittens!

About a month ago when I was picking up Molly at her kennel I noticed a dark movement when I passed the old stable half-door. "Are those kittens?" I said, surprised, because the kennel owner had been getting the cats spayed.

Yes, indeed. There had been one cat left, and she had presented him with kittens. She is spayed now, but her legacy lives on. I wanted to nab them earlier, but I was traveling and could not. So today when I went to pick up Molly after returning from Georgia, I brought a net, gloves, wet food, and some paper plates. It turns out the paper plates and wet food were all that were required.

I told him I'd work with them over the next week, and those that were adoptable I would keep, and those that seemed very shy I would get fixed and bring back to him as soon as possible. I can't "get stuck" with shy cats when I still have Morgan, Arthur, and Faith to find homes for. Not to mention Longfellow and Wiggles.

It's always great to have kittens to work with. They are cute, healthy looking furballs. They have ear mites, but otherwise seem fine. I'll post more on them tomorrow.


Chrissykat said...

Glad to hear that the last mamma is spayed now. Beautiful kittens...but aren't they all?

Kitten said...

They're all so adorable!