Saturday, June 12, 2010

Last year's kittens grow up!

Phillip and Cheeto show off their grown-up weaponry. And by the way, I know all my kittens now have new names, but I have the hardest time remembering them, especially when their loving owners also give them nicknames as well on their Facebook photos!

These two get lots of snuggles from Christy and Gordon. I find it very amusing that I met them when I helped them find home for two kittens that showed up at their place..and they ended up adopting two young cats from me later on!

Taco is now MojoJojo Taco Shell (OK, that name is unforgettable!), and he looks just like his brother Longfellow who is still here at Wildrun. It looks like all those maulings by Molly-the-dog paid off in the "I like dogs" dynamic, huh? Gina also sent a very sweet photo of MojoJoJo with his young caretaker, but I don't blog photos of kids without the parent's permission.

Another year passes....

I have more adopter photos to post later on!


meowmeowmans said...

Wow! They are all grown up! We love these kinds of stories. :)

c and g said...

it was because we had poor old timmie who was blind and deaf still living with us when peet brought us paat and the 2 pits. plus the pits were sooo cute i thought they'd easily win hearts. and it was especially good because it caused us to seek out you!