Saturday, June 26, 2010


I'm not a big fan of flying, although I do like the fact that it gets you to magical places. Last week I was off to Georgia. To make sure I could get a later flight if there were issues with my original flight (a mechanical issues on a plane out of Ithaca sometimes mean you won't be leaving until the next day) I arranged to fly out of Syracuse.

Until I got a flat tire and it seemed clear I was going to miss my flight. I called to reschedule and they said they could get me out of Ithaca. So off I went to catch my Gnat-8...oh yeah, "Dart-8"...the second-smallest plane in the USAirways fleet. It's so small you get to watch the landing gear go up and down, because it's on the wings.

However, a benefit of taking a small plane on a clear day is that they fly pretty low, and you get to check out Cornell University from above.

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