Monday, September 07, 2009

Three down!

Henry, Fart, and Hiccup were adopted this week!

Henry went to live with a friend referred by Christy and Gordon.

Fart (black and white) and Hiccup (full orange) were adopted by a couple today. Fart unfortunately has come down with yellowish loose stool (coccidia? giardia? getting into the adult urinary diet? Being wormed yesterday) but his adopter used to work in an animal shelter, and promised to keep Fart away from her own cat, so we will stay in close contact. I've sent a stool sample off for testing, so if there are any creepy crawlies they haven't been treated for, we'll soon know. I also sent them off as "foster to adopt" so technically they are still mine and I can arrange to get them treated. Fart's temp. was 101.5 which is normal for a kitten and he was eating and playing normally.

Damned kitten poop!

I'm now wavering on whom to send to Cornerstone for the off-site adoption cage. I probably should send Francine, who is larger, rather than Burp. Burp would be fine alone, but he's still tiny and could go next week. Francine needs a home ASAP and soon will be too large for an off-site adoption cage.

Three kittens in good homes! Fart and Hiccup should get new respectable cat names now.

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Rags to Riches Cat Rescue said...

Three at the time, wonderful.