Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Biggest cat shelter in the world

I poached this from Nancy's Facebook page. Look how fast this is going up! I know it looks huge, but to realize how huge...look all the way to the right at the tiny human on the roof.


I'm betting he puts in cat doors. If he does, we definitely will get photos.

And look, Nancy also posted a photo of house feral Handsome, who had lived the previous three years outdoors until she trapped him again and hauled him inside off the countryside. Handsome was here for a short stay last week to go to the vet for combo testing and booster shots.

It looks like he's settling in well. Stay smart, Handsome! Stay inside!


Meadow said...

Seriously, that is going to be a cat shelter?

Wildrun said...

:) That is the replacement barn for the hay barn that was burned down by kids playing with fireworks, where the 30-40 cat Hay Barn Cat colony lived. They have been homeless for about two months. Lucky for them, the landowner decided to rebuild.

Meadow said...

Das is a very big barn! But good for the felines :)

Anonymous said...

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gabb said...
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