Friday, September 04, 2009

This week in rescue...

I figured I'd best update you all on the cats that came through this week. The Lockwood colony had three kittens and two females dumped on it. The kittens' mom is still drying up so won't be spayed until next Friday, but Winky, the other female, who has an injured eye went in this week.

It's so funny to try and explain thing to vets and vet staff. The hospital points out that Winky will be just fine the way she is. I point out that no one want to adopt a cat with a hole in her head, and we should consider removing the eye once she's available for adoption. They are concerned about unnecessary surgery; I am concerned about being stuck with a cat who could get eye infections and that no one will adopt for fear of future vet bills. Luckily I have a wonderful vet office that doesn't mind that give and take.

Handsome is from the Duboise Rd cats. Nancy set a trap for him (trap/neutered in 2006) and has decided perhaps to make him an indoor under-the-couch tiger. I took him in for a FeLV/FIV test and booster shots. The vet found this nasty thing growing on him:

So now he has absorbable stitches and no more nasty thing behind his ear.

This is the kittens' mom, Grey Lady. She's the one getting spayed next week.

Sadly, the two female cats will go back to the Lockwood colony until I have space for them here. Carol takes great care of her outdoor cats, but they ought not be there as they are too friendly. As soon as I adopt out two adults, they can come stay here. At least they will be spayed, vaccinated, have shelter, and be fed.

People who dump cats should be dropped naked in Siberia to see what it's like. Jerks.

Oh, and here are the kittens. How could I forget?

And Cheeto and Fiona take over Molly's crate


possumlady said...

You do such incredible work, caring for life's current castoffs.

I also share your sentiment about dropping anyone who has abandoned an animal,naked in Siberia!

las794 said...

I second (third?) the Siberia suggestion. A gold star and massive good karma to you for taking such good care of the ferals!

C.S. said...

Just found your blogs, and I'm amazed of all you do on behalf of homeless animals. I LOVE cats and dogs; at times I've had as many as 10 cats (all rescues). As some of those have died of old age, I now only have 2 cats and 2 dogs (from local animal shelter). I WISH I had the energy and physical ability to help animals the way you do, but at 57 I can't due to serious back problems. I just wanted to say you are much appreciated by ALL the animals you help and if they could talk, they would say so.

2Vamp said...


I find more cats with the name Fiona than any other. Or am I just partial because that's my name too? ;P