Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Kittens get a pit bull of their very own

Fart and Hiccup (Fart is now "Maple" and they are wondering about "Lily" for Hiccup) have a brave protector.

Although they seem more fascinated with the tail than the entire dog.

Meanwhile, little Burp is sleeping alone:

Oh, no, don't worry. :) He's fine. In fact, he trundles around the house amusing himself and trying to decide whether he should take on the big kittens.

You know the kittens got a great home if I get pictures the very first day! Maple still has diarrhea, but he's eating and playing in his new home. I think I'll send some Bene-bac their way until the lab results come back on the stool sample. I'm betting it's a parasite, but there's also the chance I wiped out all his gut flora over-worming him or something.


GreyDrakkon said...

Oh now that's FREAKY. Today while at work I was pondering if the two kittens at the horse barn I ride at have gotten names yet, and I thought if not, I could name them. The two names? Otto, and Maple. o_O

Wildrun said...

OK, that's odd, because Maple isn't exactly the most common kitten name in the world!