Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vets and urinary blockages.

I have yet ANOTHER adopter who has taken their cat to their vet for a urinary blockage only to have the vet:

A) not do a urinalysis to determine if the cat has crystals in his urine and what type and

B) has NOT put the cat on a prescription diet to deal with whatever crystals he has and has just sent the cat home with antibiotics and instructions to be on "wet food."

I am so mad I could just SPIT! This is the third cat that adopters have called me on that have been back to their vet multiple times for the same problem, racking up huge bills, and the most basic work is never even done. A blockage can kill a cat. This is not something to mess around with!

These are three different vets! What the heck is going on? In this case, it's not even as if the vet thinks this is just a basic urinary tract infection. The vet even mentioned crystals...but did not prescribe a diet to fix the problem!

I am at a loss. There really are only two issues that bother me in veterinary medicine: the tendency of veterinary hospitals to move away from providing emergency care and referring clients to very-high-priced emergency clinics to cover evening hours (resulting in some of my past adopters choosing to let pets die or euthanize pets because they cannot afford the emergency fees after their first experience in this system), and the repeated feedback I get from adopters about blocked cats not receiving what "used to be" standard tests (urinalysis) and treatment via diet.

Post Note: Edited to remove "God damn it!" from the subject line, although I still feel like it should be there.


ancodia said...

I wish I had an answer. When I first moved here, I lost a cat to the exact same negligence, and it was horrible. Even the receptionist at the emergency vet knew better than the idiot vet I went to. I remain mystified to this day as to why the crystals weren't treated. Partly my fault for trusting the vet, but still...

Laziness? Stupidity? If you figure it out, please let me know.

possumlady said...

Wow, that's really horrible! I took in a stray, Sweet Pea, in late 2001. He started showing symptoms of a blockage in early 2003. The vet hospital that I took him to immediately took urine, told me about the ph and the different types of crystals. They also said it was a chronic condition that he would have all his life. He had to have a catheter twice in a years time.

My biggest beef with the vet was their insistence that the ONLY way to treat it was through special food. With so many cats and so small of space, it is just not feasible for me to lock up one cat in my bedroom and feed him there (expensive prescription food that he wouldn't touch for three days).

I did online searching and finally found a urinary acidifier paste that I've been using successfully since 2004. Sweet Pea gets yearly check ups and his urine has been the perfect ph since! The paste is a godsend (and much cheaper then the prescription diet). I just smear a small amount on his paw twice a day that his licks off.

kathy said...

About a year ago over the weekend I noticed my 25 lb. fixed male cat becoming lethargic, and ran him into the local 24 hr. animal hospital.

They ran a few tests and stated that he had early signs of developing stervite crystals and sent him home with antibiotics as well recommending a change of food.

Monday I took Tigger to his vet where he ran a number of tests (none of which involved crystals) and did change his food.

A couple of weeks later, I saw so much pain in his eyes and he was totally blocked. I ran him into the vet begging them to please “FIX him”.

At that point, I started researching on my own, and found the only food that claimed dissolve and prevent crystals.

Tigger remained catherized for nearly a week, before giving in to my request of food change.

He was doing very well until this morning, as the company that manufactures the canned food has changed the recipe. Now the food that he so desperately needs to stay alive is now making him ill.

Today I contacted the manufacturer direct and they stated that, “yes they had changed their recipe” and if I was concerned “I should contact my vet”.

It’s a shame that there are little or no regulations on pet food.

I too am again frustrated.