Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Not a good day for our adopters' dogs

Two of our closest friends/adopters took their dogs off to specialists today, and the news was not the best for either.

Hope's buddy Angus went in for a dental issue that turned out to be a large mass that has gone to biopsy. Angus is a shelter mascot, beloved by lots of kids, not to mention his mom Cary, so please send good thoughts his way.

And Jack (at left) -- owned by Nancy, who adopted Gizmo -- has a fatty tumor that, while not life-threatening, could cause some limitations in movement down the road, which is the last thing a mature dog needs. Nancy reports that "When he (the vet) got in there to see, he found it really grown into the muscle already - too close to the ligament and lower leg blood supply to remove. It is not bothering him much now, and that invasive surgery would have made him worse off. So the good news is no major surgery. the bad is that it is still in there. Hopefully it will stay a slow growing lypoma, and it will never bother him much." I'm partial to Jack because he reminds me so much of our Sadie dog.

A rough day for two good friends. But both have great vets and wonderful homes, so we'll be lobbying for happy endings! How can they not do well with all those kitty-vibes surrounding them?

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