Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spencer Community Business Fair

They had an amazing turnout at the Spencer Community Business Fair last weekend. Every year it gets a little bigger, and the crowd get larger as well!

We got a primo corner spot for Wildrun and Petfinder. Next year I need to come up with something vertical to fill up all that space!

Arthur was a sweetheart. He was petted, cuddled, poked, and played with by every human in the place, and for awhile, his cage was THE place for the teenagers to hang out. A few people did take cards, but alas, he has received no inquiries for adoption.

I talked to Karen Frick about advertising in the Broader View Weekly. Tim Schwender (cat caretaker extraordinaire, and Totalily Water Gardens) and his mother came by, and she won one of my Petfinder doorprizes (and I didn't even pick the name, I promise). Carol Ackerman also visited (Lockwood Colony cats). And other people I will need to add later as I remember them all!

At the Petfinder booth, I printed off about five adoptable pet flyers for each of the local shelters. I had planned it just as "color" to show what Petfinder does, but a people fell in love with the pets, came to my with a flyer of a particular pet and said "Can I take this with me?" So I hope maybe a few of those shelters got inquiries on their pets.

And what did I buy? I bought one bunch of tulips from Baker Florists, and this wonderful handbag booth had a handmade bag just the right size for my netbook. And that was my splurge. And alas, I did not get a card so I cannot link them!

This really is a fun event! If you didn't make it this year, you should try next year!

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