Thursday, March 04, 2010

Another Friday, another resolution

The cats are lined up to watch the show.

(Note: I believe this is the first photo I've gotten with every single pet in it, except Bear, who was outdoors at the time).

It's a good thing I have no problem remaking the same resolutions over and over. Here comes another weekend, but first I must get through Friday. Resolution #1: empty email inboxes at work so I can move into the weekend with my brain on painting the upstairs of the house, and getting ready for the Spencer Community Business Showcase. Come see Arthur and myself, and our two booths: one for Wildrun, and one for Petfinder!

The Showcase is at the Spencer Middle School from 1 to 4 (that's not much time, so don't miss it!). The weather is supposed to be warm, so there are no excuses for not stopping by. You can find locally made gifts, flowers, food, and all sorts of fun stuff (including ARTHUR!)

Last year, this little barn was for sale at the booth near me for some incredibly low price ($10). It lights up. The sheep I got from an Owego store a few months later. Sorry for the fuzzy photo, but I need to be working in 8 minutes.

Hopefully this time I'll be set up next to a booth that doesn't have cute things I'm tempted to buy!

I'm sure it's a busy day for you-all, too!



Chrissykat said...

If I didn't live on the wrong coast I'd sure love to come by & help. Wishing you lots of luck with the Wildrun and Petfinder booths.

meowmeowmans said...

Good luck at the Showcase!