Sunday, October 18, 2009

My recent drug buy

With kittens in the place, it's time for a new shipment of vaccine. Also, the last batch of kittens had tapeworms. Good tapeworm medicine is finally non-prescription, however, buying it in the little bottles of three tablets they have at pet stores is cost-prohibitive. So I bought a bottle of 50 tabs for $169.00 (cough,cough). This little pile of wormer, vaccine, and Snuggle Safe covers came to $323.00 with shipping.

A Snuggle Safe is a wonderful disc that you place in a microwave for 4-6 minutes and stays warm for 8-12 hours. They cost about $25-30 dollars depending on where you order them, but this one is almost five years old and still works great. The covers are dirt-cheap. Less than $3 each.

I also purchased new elevated cat beds for the cat runs. Donna and Tim made me some great ones that work well in the cat room. But for some reason, someone in the run area likes to pee on them (sigh)so I'm hoping 100% nylon beds with sides might be less attractive for such bad behavior.

The elevated beds keep them up off the chilly floor now that the weather is colder.

I poached another photos of Henry in his new home from his mom's Facebook page:


possumlady said...

I was heating up my snuggle safe disc this weekend for the first time this season. Yes, they are pricey, but I've had mine for four years now with no problems.

I have one hold out cat, Toby, that is so afraid to come inside. We had a wet, windy and cold weekend with temps only in the 40s during the day. All the other kitties came inside to snore away the night, but Toby stayed outside, snug and dry in his little house and toasty warm.

I also was so glad to see the tapeworm tablets for sale at Petsmart until I saw the price--yikes!

rheather said...

Do you want another Snuggle Safe disc? I have on that I haven't used in years. (I looked for your email but I couldn't find it in my quick look.)

Alley Cats and Angels of North Carolina said...

It certainly does add up. However, buying direct from the manufacturers will help cost wise (for instance, buy FVRCP ultra-nasal vaccines direct from Heska and you get one free flat [20 or 25 vaccines, whatever it is] with the purchase of two flats of vaccines. Alley Cats and Angels has saved quite a bit of money buying direct from the manufacturers. Unfortunately, the accounts can take a while to set up and there are so many to set up with (Pfizer for Albon and Revolution, Bayer for Drontal and something else - maybe Clavamox, etc.)

Wildrun said...

Hey, rheather, we can always use another Snuggle Safe, as I'm often lending mine out to foster homes if they take bottle babies. Our address is Wildrun, PO Box 415, Spencer NY 14883. You can find my email address at

Zuleme said...

Our cats love the polar fleece beds with a layer of space blanket inside that reflects their body heat. They are not cheap but you don't have to microwave them or plug them in.