Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lots of friends today

Today was a day full of friends. Debra showed up to borrow two traps to catch cats in Waverly and Corning. Great news...her little former-feral kittens that Stray Haven has had up for adoption for many many months was recently adopted! So all of her rescued friendly kitties from her colonies have found homes. Deb came bearing homemade biscotti, so you'll know what I'll be having with my coffee Sunday morning.

Holly, Jack's mom, had Facebooked me that she had a crate to donate to me, so after picking up flowers at the Farmers Market, I headed up to Cayuga Heights. Jack is his same sweet talkative self, and even let me cuddle him. I dropped of a bouquet of flowers to say "thanks for being a wonderful cat-mom!", picked up the crate, and headed out to Etna to Gary Rith's studio open house for the Greater Ithaca Art Trail.

Gary had a present for the cats. He made a gift of this jar, which is now full of cat treats!

I told Gary that just this past Thursday night, my friend K.C. had made me a gift of one of Gary's penguin bowls:

I've had my eye on this tea set since he posted it on his blog. I figured if I waited long enough, someone else would buy it, but alas, there it was, and I succumbed. It looks black in Gary's photo, but if you look at the handle on the right, you'll see a hint of the actual brown-black of the glaze. I guess you'll have to visit to really see what it looks like.

So now it is on the shelf in my house. I've put water onto boil and will use it for the first time tonight. My goal is that one day, all the things I use every day will be things created by, or given to me by, my friends, so every moment of my day I am smiling.

The cats were thrilled when I came home with a boxful of beautiful pottery. Not by the pots, of course--even their own treat jar. They were psyched to have a box full of newspaper to pounce into. I took photos, and I'll shake them out and get them posted in a bit.

The photos here were all poached from Gary's blog. And if you know how much Gary posts, you'll have some sort of idea how long it took me to scroll through them all to track down each of those photos!

Gary's studio IS OPEN TOMORROW (SUNDAY, Oct 11), AND BOTH SATURDAY AND SUNDAY NEXT WEEK! You can't miss the purple house on Rt. 366 in Etna. Tell Gary and Maude that the Wildrun cats sent you!


georg said...

I tried to mail you something but it came back to me as an invalid address.

Wildrun said...

make sure you had .net at the end, not .com or .org. You can also try my address which is wildrun@

georg said...

I meant the snail po box. :)

Wildrun said...

OK, that pisses me off. I fixed that! I'll go over today. Thanks for letting me know!