Thursday, October 29, 2009

Catching up on photo posting

it's far too late for me to be creative with my writing, but I can at least post some photos that have been backing up.

Bear is so fat he tips the bowl with his chest when he eats:

Here's the gang at snack time. My pet cats have given up being peeved at the kittens and are tolerating them pretty well. (Post Note: only three of the cats in this photo are my pets. The others are all kittens/young cats up for adoption. I wouldn't want to scare my family).

I caught this white on black photo of Cheeto cuddling with Bear.

I finally got my butt in gear and assembled the three new beds that arrived on Monday to help keep the cat facility cats up off the cold floors this winter.

The kittens thought the plastic the pieces came wrapped in were a lot more fun than the beds themselves.

And then there is the new batch. I almost turned them away when the woman arrived at the door, except these also had cuterebra grubs and needed medical treatment. I'll be sending them back to the original owner (who found them under her parent's trailer) to be fostered once they are ship-shape.

And no, they aren't being kept in that crate. That was just the crate I put them in temporarily after they arrived.


Rags to Riches Cat Rescue said...

OMG, your kitchen floor full of cats look like mine.

las794 said...

Where did you get those nifty elevated beds? I've got some ferals who could really use them this winter.

Rebecca said...

Hey Susan, Where did you get the cat beds? I need one for the Tibby Tookee, fat black cat.

Rags to Riches Cat Rescue said...

Back again, I meant to ask about the beds, too!

MargElmendorf said...

Wow, glad to find your blog. I take in feral cats too or mainly kittens that came from a feral momma. Took me two years but I finally caught the momma kitty and got her spayed. And now all the kittens are fixed. Do you know if I can just put the kittens on Pet Finder or does it have to be done through a shelter???

Wildrun said...

Hey Marge, if you are regularly rescuing kittens and finding homes for them, you can apply for a Petfinder account of your own to post your cats.

Wildrun said...

whoops, sorry, no "e"!