Sunday, September 18, 2011

Orzo finds a home

I failed to note last week that on Thursday Orzo was adopted. His adopter ended up on a back-road adventure trying to get here, because a bridge was out, but Orzo is now safely in his home in Vestal (above the flood line, thankfully)!

I'm not certain why most of my adoptions are coming from Owego/Binghamton. I don't mind, because the quality of homes has been great lately. I assume I no longer get inquiries from Ithaca because locals want to support their own Tompkins County SPCA (a good thing!). But it does mean I probably should shift my advertising and outreach to the south.

And for good measure, here is Orzo's brother, Beans.


georg said...

Is there another cat shelter in Tioga County?

I think the choices are You, Waverly with Stray Haven, and going to Binghamton or Endicott. I don't think Owego has anything animal-shelterwise. You really do need to advertise in the south.

meowmeowmans said...

Hooray for Orzo, and his new family! Sounds like it was quite the journey to get him home, but we are glad he's there safe and sound. :)

Beans is a cutie. Paws and fingers crossed that his forever home is right around the corner!

Fawn (Skat the Cat) said...

Orzo is such a wonderful kitten and he deserves his new home. I'm happy for him and his new family.

I adore black cats like Beans. He's really cute!

Marlene said...

What great looking cats.

Strayer said...

How do you advertise? Just wondering. I am overwhelmed in cats here, but have no advertising budget, outside of posting fliers. I have some really nice cats, too, waiting for homes. Finding quality homes is another story. I live in an impoverished area, with an overwhelming supply of unfixed free cats and kittens. I am at a loss as to how to find the cats here homes, given my budget.