Sunday, September 11, 2011

Goodbye Facebook (sort of), Hello Again Blogger

Last week I stumbled across this article that states Blogger is a dying web site.

I love my blog dearly, but have used it less often in favor of Facebook, which is more immediate. Until this week, that is, when Facebook shot itself in its foot by changing its format into this confusing mess that takes away all that was helpful about Facebook. They've split the news feed into "top stories" and "recent posts" and only people I visit frequently show up on the feed (I'm told I can change this, but it has not succeeded for me). They've added a ticker on the right, which means instead of getting all your info in a nice simple stream, you have two places to look.

I feel like the execs at Facebook enjoy herding their faithful users around like cattle every few months. "Let's see what they'll do if we make them go THIS way now..." "HAHAHAHA look at the hits on our help pages!"

Well, I'm not a cow, and cats are notoriously hard to herd. So I'm jumping ship, even though part of my paying job is promoting social media. Blogs are, after all, the very first child of the Social Media concept.

I will use Facebook to keep up on my friends and colleagues who are there. Facebook is still the best, most immediate tool for instant information (vital right now, with people trying to find resources to recover from the flood). But it is now more of a corporate community tool than a personal one, and I find my friends, family, and adopters enjoy the blog more, anyway.

So stuff it. Blogger is far from dead!

I also appreciate the original, simple format of Blogger. I find that the fancier a blog format gets (whether on Blogger or any other hosting service), the less likely I am to read it. I want to click and read. I don't want to have to search around on sidebars, or wade through crap on the top to see if there is an actual recent post.

To those of you who have faithfully clicked here to find nothing day after day, I am committed to posting here again, as well as linking to blogs with a similar focus.


Strayer said...

I tried Facebook for awhile then bailed. I couldn't keep up and found all the stuff messy and distracting. I also know some very pathetic Facebook addicts, all day, waiting for a bleep from their fancy phones to signal someone has updated something or responded to them on FB. They have no lives. I'm on twitter but have nothing helpful happen (adopting out cats or helping cats in trouble) via twitter either.

Blogger is the only social media that I love, has helped me make friends and help cats and vent my frustrations and chronicle overpopulation.

Wildrun said...

Facebook is a huge lifesaver for disasters, like this flood. I've learned to "hide" all the games and crap, but this latest change made my life harder, not better. I think they are going to continue to mess with it, piss people off, and something else will get created to replace it. I think blogs, however, are here to stay. I worry that Google might try and "improve" or divest of Blogger, but maybe we'll be lucky, and their improvements will all be for the better, as they have been in the past.

Connie, Orlando said...

Love both of your blogs, Susan, & Jody's as well. I think reading those blogs pushed me into setting up my own. It's a great place to fully express my "opinionated" opinions. And, I've become addicted to Facebook as well & annoyed at the seemingly constant changes. I'm hoping I'll be able to wean myself off Facebook without a 12 step plan.

Strayer said...

I am mid fifties and have received so many e-mails from people my age, roaring in laughter and delight over the car commercials, that feature adult children lamenting their parents pathetic lives. The camera cuts off and on to images of what their parents are really doing, out partying on the beach, mountain biking or hiking. The one that features the adult daughter sitting at a table, talking about her parents pathetic lives, that she had to help them sign up for Facebook and that they have only 15 friends and she has hundreds, that one is hysterical. At the end, she sitting inside at a table and gets the update "bling" and goes something like "Oh that doesn't really look like a cute puppy" and giggles ridiculously.

Northmoon said...

I don't use Facebook, so I'm glad you will be posting more here.

Something about computer technology makes people want to "improve" it all the time, usually making it more complicated and less user friendly!

HubCats said...

yay, welcome back to Blogger, and the old farts who love you.

osman said...

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