Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Norfolk Botanical Garden eagle killed, struck by a jet

Sadly, the female of the pair of eagles featured on the Norfolk Botanical Garden eagle cam was killed when struck by a jet at an airport. Countless people have been watching the eagles nest and raise their young. The eaglets are feathered out, but are prone to dehydration if they are not fed regularly. If the male is unable to care for them, they will be removed from the nest.

It is always sad when something so simple and beautiful turns into a tragedy. It reminds me of a person who rescues their first cat, only to discover the cat is ill with FeLV and what was going to be simple and sweet and beautiful is now difficult and perhaps heartbreaking. Life never proceeds according to plan.

I got an email today from a former colleague at Ithaca College who has had kittens dumped on her road nearby. I'm listening to the thunder roll, and am hoping so much that they brought the kittens in and they aren't still out there. I've emailed back to check. I really have no room for kittens, but it is so hard to listen to the rain pouring down and know they are out there, and someone has contacted us for help... How do you say no? Then what steps do you take to keep from become overloaded, and yet another one of a growing list of hoarders?

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A few Good Cats said...

You've summed up the dilemma for the human who cares about helping homeless animals. It can be heartbreaking and frustrating.

The loss of the eagle is so sad. It sounds like the eaglets will be cared for, though.