Saturday, December 19, 2009

Updates on kittens

Apologies to my faithful clickers who arrive here each day for news of the cats only to see the same old post!

Four kittens found homes this past week or so: Ferdinand, Bugsy, Cheeto, and Cheddar. Of the young cats and kittens, remaining in the fold are Wiggles, Longfellow, Brie, Fergie and Venus. Venus has an adopter who is seriously interested in her once her abrasions on her neck (from her littermates using her as a baby bottle to suck on!) are healed, and we've received many inquiries for calicos, so Brie will probably be adopted soon as well.

Little Fergie, who is the cutest of the bunch in my opinion, has no inquiries, so this weekend I'll have a photo session to "cute up" everyone's photos on Petfinder.

Wiggles, Longfellow, and Fergie were off to the vet this week to be fixed. The phone rang shortly after I dropped them off. It appears Wiggles also had a hernia, so we had that repaired. She has two incisions this evening instead of just one.

She's pretty tuckered out.

My pet cats or thoroughly fed up with kittens and tend to look at them with disgust if they curl up too close, and give them a smack if they cuddle. But Wiggles still manages to sneak in to sleep with the big guys.

I finally managed to get a chimney sweep in for the new fireplace insert I put in last year. I watched like a hawk so I could clean it myself later this winter and next fall. I believe in professional cleanings, but sometimes $160 just doesn't fit into the budget. Although I find it a bargain when I look up at the snow and ice on the roof!

Once the fire is burning, this room becomes a magnet for cats. This is probably a good thing, as it provides me with incentive to get kitties into homes just so I can have some room to myself. There would only be two cats in this photo if Cheeto were delivered to his new home and Longfellow and Wiggles were adopted.

Brie is scheduled for a spay next week, and Venus will be fixed the week after that.

We also had a couple of "big" surgeries in the past two weeks. Fluffy had a major dental, and Fiona's luxating patella was repaired. I'll get photos of those two as well tomorrow.

Thanks for hanging in there!

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