Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kitty Santa comes to Wildrun

Wildrun has a couple of very special people who are Santas throughout the year. Mary, who adopted Jack and The Leewit, and the founding donor for our Lewitt Fund for spay/neuter and surgical funds, came over tonight bearing boxes and boxes of gifts!

Beds! (Bug in the cat facility will appreciate this one, since she is always getting in and under the blankets, although Wiggles is testing it out here).

Towels...and not just towels, but new towels, and low-nap (the cats won't be making ugly snags on these), and beautiful enough to make an off-site adoption set up look extra special.

Little towels...lots and lots.

Presents for the well-being of the pampered cat lady. Good reading, good wine, chocolate, and bubble bath. A stuffed toy (for the silly side) and a more delicate gift(as a reminder of good friends who care).


We left a few toys in the house for the cats and hauled the rest out to the cat facility. The light is poor in the evening for photos, however Plushy did permit herself to be photographed trying to figure out what the den was for. "Do I get IN it...?"

"...or JUMP on it?"

All those presents, and you can guess what the kittens liked the best...

Kids and cats. It's all about the box.

More photos tomorrow!

Thank you, Mary! There were so many people who were right there for me when I needed them, and who dedicate themselves to being there for the cats, as well. There is really no way to thank them adequately. The cats love their new toys, and it's important for Christmas to bring surprises and newness to them too.

It definitely feels like Christmas!

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