Sunday, February 15, 2009

Is anyone here on Facebook?

Want to be friends?

I can't believe how many people I have found (or who have found me) that I haven't seen nor heard from in years.

If you haven't joined, perhaps you should! :)


Stephanie said...

I just joined yesterday and Facebook "found" for me a woman I haven't seen or heard from since high school (automatically, didn't even search). She's living in Germany and is a professional cellist. We're Facebook friends now.
I would have never have been able to get back in touch with her in a pre-internet sort of way. Times like that, I think the internet rules.

Wildrun said...

It can be another huge time-sink, but I remind myself that friendship is something worth spending a wee bit of time on.

Jen's Journal said...

I'm on Facebook too and it's incredible. I was able to get back into contact with a girl who was my best friend in elementary school, but lost touch with after her family moved out to Wisconsin in 6th grade!

blackcatrescue said...

I am trying to friend you, but I can't find you! Black Cat Rescue is on there as an organization, and Sam and I both have personal pages. Friend us!

unstresst said...

What's up here? nobody providing facebook links.
Facebook is soooo scattered.......I can never find anybody without that specific profile URL