Monday, September 01, 2008

Where oh where have I been?

I need to be sure I post while traveling or my family thinks I've fallen off a ladder painting my house. I guess my blog is my Internet wide "medic alert" system.

Last week I was off to staff meetings for work, in New Jersey, and then zipped down to Philadelphia for the always-excellent Pennsylvania Bar Institute Animal Law Conference (held each year in three locations in PA). Sadly, they always update their calendar, and no links remain to the course. It is a stellar program, and a tribute to the PBI that they consider this topic so important. I spoke to an individual from VA, and they hope to hold a similar program there!

They have an exhibit area, so attending professionals from the field of law can meet with animal welfare proponents (and of course, many animal welfare professionals also come as attendees as well).

I highly recommend this conference, and will try to blog it in advance next year, so people know of it and can register.

Two of the kittens went with me. Luckily, the weather was cool and parking was always in parking garages, where I could nip down to feed them in their very large crate. One hotel wanted a $75 cleaning fee (bringing the cost of the room to $300!)for the benefit of possibly-allergic future visitors (have you no pet-friendly rooms?) I finally ended up "just not asking" at one hotel, and making sure the kittens never came out of the bathroom so the room was not exposed to cat dander. They are still so small that all they did was curl up on my towels (not the hotels), suck down their dinner from a bottle, and sleep.

The biggest kitten stayed at home with his mom.

Sadly, my clothes and luggage are probably a larger source of allergens for future visitors than any bottle baby kitten I might haul along with me. I should keep that in mind when I travel, and give my luggage a periodic vacuuming.

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