Monday, September 01, 2008

On toenail paint -- totally frivolous blog

About three weeks ago, I was invited to a girls-night-out near a pool...and all the women had painted their toenails but myself.

How does one get to age 46 without noticing such things? Then while ushering speakers two weeks ago, on a casual day off I noticed one speaker, dressed in chic comfortable casual, had painted tootsies. My eyes went right to her feet. Huh. Whoever thought toes would complete an ensemble!

So the other day, for the heck of it, when Walmart proved to be completed OUT of cat litter, I stopped in the cosmetic aisle and spent $3.50 on nail first such purchase in maybe 20 years. Oh, I think I bought a bottle of clear polish somewhere in there to fix runs in pantyhose and for that "just in case" fancy event. And I did once invest in a manicure at an airport once, just to see what it was like.

So yesterday I painted my toenails, and went off to a family picnic in sandals. I figured family would be amused...and forgiving.

Yes, indeed, people remarked on my toes! My niece Emily had nails of pearly pink, and we sat on the porch with Eliza (paintless for the moment, but known to paint her toes), talking about the female fashion in general, from toenail-painting to how many times women wash their hair.

So, my question to you-all out many of you paint your toenails? And are there others of you, like myself, who never have in their lives considered doing so?

I have to say, it is a frivolous and fun experiment. When I mentioned to Nancy that I had relinquished and tried it, she laughed and said "We'll turn you into a girlie-girl yet!"

And no, there will be no blog photo of my toes. While I'm comfortable enough flaunting my feet and scrawny legs in public (because I figure what nature gave you, you should be happy with) no one needs to be exposed to a feature photo of my feet!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I do paint my toenails most of the summer, however, they are bare at the moment, but heading now to paint them.

Stephanie said...

Painted them during the summer the last few years. I never paint my fingernails because the polish makes my nails feel hot and uncomfortable. But for some reason it doesn't affect my toenails the same way.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, somewhere between the Mom/mechanic and the just another grandmother/who looks at them phases of my life I use to paint my toe nails... It kind of makes you feel like a girl... :o)
Ben's mom

NancyC said...

When KC, Brigid and I went to LA last year for my 45th birthday, I got a toe ring for myself as a present. So did Brigid and KC. I have this photo (that is a riot) of our six feet, with newly polished toes and sparkly new toe rings. If I could attach it here, I would! Maybe I'll email it separately to you, and you can post it if you like.

Anonymous said...

I usually like to keep them painted, even if only with clear polish, because I'm in Florida and wear open shoes most of the year, but at the moment I'm 32 weeks pregnant and just reaching my feet to put shoes on is enough of an ordeal, no way I'm going to attempt nail polish right now! :)


Wildrun said...

Nancy, send that photo!!!!

georg said...

I have in the past- but now I am allergic to nail polish and the nail polish remover (that whole breathing thing) so do neither.

50kittens said...

After nearly 100 miles of hiking in Yosemite, my feet look horrible and I thought some polish might help...or maybe draw too much attention to my blisters? When I do toe polish, it's usually wacky blue or silver and not what one would expect from a 47-year-old!