Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Marcia needs a home

Artemis (below) was adopted! She has a wonderful home in a home with other Manxes and an outdoor enclosure. I received a call about a week ago that she is doing wonderfully. It's always great when people think to call and let us know that our cats (now their cat!) has settled in. Posted by Picasa

Now it's time to get little Marcia into a home of her own! She's a hoot, and we've enjoyed having her. She's a talker, without being obnoxious. She sings as she stretches and wakes up from naps, and she chatters like a little kid in the morning as I brush my teeth. She's uncommonly quiet unless addressed, and she loves a little bit of Fancy Feast now and then.

Sadie, our 11 year old retriever mix, is Marcia's best friend, and she gets a dog bath each evening as Mark and I sit and read. She doesn't sleep with us, but when the alarm goes off she leaps up on the bed with a chirp, and plops on my chest for her morning "session." Mark is concerned that I'll like her so much, Marcia may stay. But she would be much happier in a home where she'll have more attention.

Amusement purrr-sonified. She can leap over four feet high to snag the horsewhip we use for a cat toy, and lacks annoying habits. She is an energetic little girl, however. Marcia is spayed, vaccinated, wormed, and treated for fleas. She's ready to go, to the right home.

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