Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eleven kittens in-house. Two are spoken for!

What a devil of a time I had taking photos tonight. Every time the flash went off, little kittens squinched their eyes tightly closed. I'll need to go out at lunch tomorrow and try to get some more!

The new litter (6) and Mariah (the abandoned Manx) all tested negative for FeLV/FIV/Heartworm. A sister of one of the vet techs is looking for a kitten, so they were snapping photos and sending them off to Maine. Little Frack (brown tiger w/white female) has been chosen! Hopefully I can get her fattened up, fixed (and hernia repaired) and recovered before the end of August when she would make the trip north.

Then today we had a visitor, and the little black fuzz ball with extra toes was chosen! They are all still skinny, wormy, and the little black one decided to hack up some foam right then, but he ate and drank tonight, and seems fine. They have had two doses of worm medicine, and are now on FortiFlora to help their little guts recover. So I have three cats "adopted" and yet they are all still here. At least they are chosen!

I finally managed to get a good photo of Mariah, the fast-as-lightning Manx. It's good for her to have other kittens to play with, because she was getting bitey, as single kittens often do. Once everyone seems healthy, I probably will cage her up with the new kittens, but until then, I'm letting her romp with them, but put her back in her own cage alone.

They are pretty kittens.

The kittens in the house are extremely amusing, and were very sweet to their visitor today. If it weren't for the fact that the new black kitten is sporting extra toes, Noodles might have been adopted instead, because he did the old "let me gaze soulfully up directly into your eyes" routine.

Good boy! Keep it up!


Connie, Orlando said...

I know we decry MORE KITTENS, but and it's a big but: they are just so delightful. The world seems new again because everything is new to them. Just this morning my not so little Cagney, who's 5 months old now, was "hiding" in the bathroom sink. She doesn't know she's too big to hide there anymore. I just had to laugh out loud. When kittens are in the house, it's hard not to walk around smiling all the time.

Yours are darling, especially Mariah. OMGoodness but she is gorgeous.

possumlady said...

Oh, I must admit that I'm SO in love with Mariah! Manx cats are the VERY BEST! I adopted a 3 year old manx, Butterball, in 1996. I knew nothing about them at the time but he was so incredibly laid back at the shelter, I just had to have him. They are known as dog-cats as they have many dog-like characteristics. In the 12 years I had Butterball he never hissed, growled or tried to scratch me.

I had to put Butterball down in 2008 and I still tear up thinking about him. He was just the most special cat. I had to put his sidekick, Apu, down in June due to heart complications from diabetes. I've always wanted a female manx that I could name Bunny ;-) But with still having 7 cats (down from 12 in 2008), it just wouldn't be fair. Someday, I shall have another manx...

Mariah, you had better get a very special home!

possumlady said...

In case you want to espouse the great qualities of Mariah the Manx, I've attached my old blog post written in memory of Butterball that lists many wonderful traits.

Wildrun said...

OK, the empty chair in that post brought tears to my eyes.