Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Catching up - Memorial Day

Right before Memorial Day I picked up some mulch for my annual "mulch the monument" session at Nichols Pond in Spencer. Unfortunately the skies were turning threatening when I arrived, so it remained more mulching than weeding.

As I ripped open the bags to beat the rain, the orange cat from Donna's hairstyling came over to say "hi." He is a downtown cat who visits regularly by the door of the Parkview Restaurant and the school.

He's friendly without being obnoxiously affectionate. Someone told me his name, and I have forgotten it. Maybe someone local will read this and leave it in the comments.

He lounged around while I worked, but he, too, was casting an eye at the dark skies and rumblings of thunder. As I finished up, the thunder grew louder, and he wisely headed home.

This was the kicker. Instead of immediately crossing the road, or walking all the way down the sidewalk to the point across from his house and crossing there...he walked down to the painted crosswalk, stepped off the curb and stood quietly waiting until the cars stopped, and crossed between the lines to the other side.

I had my flip video camera. Did I think to take video of this? Of course not. Instead I stood there laughing saying "Is he really doing that? No. No, he is REALLY DOING THAT!"

I'm sure he's learned this from the kids coming home from school who always stop and cross there, and any number of other village folk he has accompanied during the day.

I wonder what the people in the cars thought?


A few Good Cats said...

A smart fellow indeed! Still, we worry about reckless drivers....

meowmeowmans said...

Wow, that is one smart kitty!

Felyne said...

Oh my heart was stopping when you said he had to cross the road and I thought this post was going to end horribly - all my cats have died on the road.

What a handsome young fellow. I wouldn't believe cars would stop for him, how incredibly cool is that??!!

Strayer said...

That is very funny. I wish you'd remembered to get a video. Would have been awesome.

2Vamp said...

There's a neighbourhood kitty where I used to work - she'd cross only when the cars stopped too. They're amazing!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

My old black cat, who lived to be 23, used to go across the street to the field to catch mice and hang out. He always stopped at the curb and looked both ways. Seriously, we would watch him looking at traffic and only when there were no cars coming would he cross. I thought he was the only cat on earth who did this until I moved to our present neighborhood, the tuxie that lives across the street does it as does the dog who constantly sneaks out of his yard to come visit my kitties...oh, and he lets himself back into the yard too. His people didn't believe he ever left until I called and told them to look out their front window so they could see their Belgian Malinois standing in front of my window waiting for the kitties to show up.~Donna