Friday, May 20, 2011

Two feet back on the ground

Blog posts run through my mind throughout the day, yet none of them make it here. Some of this is due to weariness. Some due to laziness. Some due to simply not being here.

Even now, so much is running through my mind that I want to write, but instead I just want to turn off the light and go to bed.

This weekend I was in Kentucky, which is a beautiful state. I can tell you it is beautiful because I got lost in it with a veterinarian as we tried to find our way to the venue for the workshop we were holding. I finally pulled over next to an old timer at a rural intersection and he pointed me toward a building I never would have realized was a store. A few gentleman and a woman were sitting at a table with coffee and I immediately wished I could just pour a mug myself and sit down with them. They pointed me to the road Mapquest said I wanted, but it turned out it was the wrong road entirely. More winding pavement, more lush green trees. Continued lack of cell service. I finally found a college student familiar with the conference center I wanted (not on North Campbell Road, but on Campbell Lane) and off we went.

On the way home, it was raining. The plane bounced its way heavenward, and burst so quickly out into the sunset, blue sky, and white plains of clouds, that everyone on board gasped. I grabbed my Flip at pointed it at the window.

And there you go.

So now that I am home, where it is, still and still, raining, I'll talk to you more about cats.

I swear.

But now I'm going to sleep.

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