Friday, December 10, 2010

Moving into the world of YouTube

I promised the people interested in Longfellow a video of him. My camera requires me to buy and download special software, which I really didn't want to invest in because the video on my camera is pretty poor. So today I stopped at Walmart and picked up a cheap little Flip camcorder.

Even the word "camcorder" scared me. Remember what that used to mean? A great big huge piece of equipment that cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I held the little Flip in my hand and marveled.

The software that comes right with the camera is not particularly intuitive. Taking the video was absolutely simple. But after that things got a bit murky. I had to Google things like "how to tell the size of a Flip video" and "how to edit a Flip video" in order to get rolling. Even then it made more sense to create a YouTube channel than save the things.

Yes, we are on YouTube. Heeeeere's Wiggles!

Before taking any video, I vacuumed my floor, which scared all the cats away. Longfellow disappeared (his trip to the vet today might have had something to do with that, too). So much for his career in film.

Hopefully having video of the cats will help with adoptions. I've dedicated myself to getting cats out of here. I'll let you know!

Oh, Longfellow finally came out of his shell:


Chrissykat said...

I think these videos are just great! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that they help with the adoptions. Such sweet kitties.

2Vamp said...

What wonderful videos. And you've a great speaking voice!