Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If you support PeTA, you support killing cats

ALL the cats on these blog pages. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Dead. Even the adoptable ones. Why? Because if we told landowners the only option we could offer for their barn cats and back porch ferals was death, they wouldn't let us on their property to help.

And who would kill these cats? The state of NY and our local towns provide zero funding for cats. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. All cat control in this county is provided via the donors to Stray Haven (who receive no municipal funding for cats when last I checked), and via volunteers on the street.

So what's better? Unfixed cats that suffer and die anyway, or fixed cats that have a better life and produce no future kittens, and kittens and friendlies that get help and homes?

PeTA states they are an animal rights group, yet they propose you destroy a feral cat's "right" to life. They destroy 95% percent of all the animals that come into their own shelter (2006). That's the worst of the worst as far as kill rates go.

With a B.A. in Philosophy, I'm no Tom Regan, but I guarantee PeTA would flunk the "defense of a right to life" test.

If you send any money to PeTA, send it to your local shelter instead.

This was written in support of this "Yes, Biscuit" post.


Strayer said...

Amen! Peta is no friend to companion animals.

georg said...

I support People Eating Tasty Animals. Because animals raised and slaughtered humanely simply taste better.

CindyLu's Muse said...

So many people are not aware of PETA's true stance on this - thank you for bringing it to attention!

Blueberry said...

This is shocking! I have not given PETA any support for many years and have not kept up with them. Sounds like their "anti-pets" philosophy is taking over. Disgusting. Humans are responsible for centuries of breeding some species to be pets (or otherwise functional such as workers) and we bear the responsibility for their care until the time comes that their genetics are more free from human interference. Just my very humble opinion.