Tuesday, September 14, 2010

If you didn't realize we live in "puppy mill land..."


We so like to believe that we central New Yorkers live in a green utopia of care and concern. Because of that, we tend to be blind to cruelty of the economy around us. Puppy mills? Here? Yes, people. Right here.

The breeder, David Yoder of Romulus, New York, took a whelping box that he fitted with a metal door with a hole in it. He put the exhaust pipe of a 3 horse power engine and pumped carbon monoxide gas into the box filled with dogs. He killed 78 adult dogs and 15 puppies in this way. He killed dogs in groups of 5-6, all carried out in front of the other dogs in his kennel.

As for himself, Yoder left the dogs alone some of the time because the fumes gave him a headache.

One day I was at Petsmart and there was a young man with a bichon puppy. I asked him where he got it and he said "Oh, a wonderful farm up the lake."

When you say to a kind, young, optimistic person something like "I'm sorry, but those farms are puppy mills, didn't you know?" they simply don't believe you. "Oh no, it was a FARM!" (i.e. "farms are good.") "They had cows and gardens and things."

People don't realize that dogs are raised like livestock. They are born in pens and raised in pens. Those that aren't shipped off to petstores are brought out to those beautiful farm stands and sold along with the pumpkins and veggies. It looks quaint, but it isn't.

And just like rotted fruit, if you can't sell it, you get rid of it. And you throw it away.

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They should put him a box for a year, along with a huge fine, but most of all shut his operation down !

Judy said...

So glad to see this on your blog. Sick, isn't it? There is an event on October 16 - I believe they are calling it a Procession of Sorrow - starting at Beverly Animal Shelter and driving by many of the mills. I'll be going and would love to have you join me, if you want.