Friday, August 21, 2009

Quiet visits, and an adoption!

Sometimes I like to visit colonies from the past. In north of Ithaca there are two. On my way to pick up kittens at my vet's office, I slowed down as I passed the home of The Motley Crew. They were snoozing on the porch. Could I sneak up and get some photos? I needn't have worried. They didn't even notice I was there.

Don't they have the life?

Speaking of which, this little one is going to be spoiled rotten.

Which is exactly what every kitten deserves. Thank you, Christy and Gordon! We hope Paatie stops hissing soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi, kudos for your efforts.

I may be fostering a (formerly feral) cat a friend has taken in and will be shipping from overseas.

I've grown up with animals but not cats.

Any tips on helping him feel comfortable in an apartment?


c and g said...

we are the fortunate ones. so many fabulous furries to snuggle. thank you, susan, for all you do!